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OK, so I’ll be honest here: The video for Hail Mary Mallon‘s new single, “Kiln,” isn’t creepy in the way that’ll haunt your dreams or anything. But it’s got a definite Halloween-ish vibe to it, thanks in part to Aesop Rock rapping his bars while wearing a straitjacket and wandering aimlessly. Then there’s Rob Sonic, who opens the piece by spitting a barrage of rhymes—seriously, you’ll need to listen at least three or four times to grasp everything—as he draws chilling imagery.

It definitely makes for a gripping visual experience, because it’s damn-near impossible to tell what’ll happen next. The same can be said for the track itself, which Aes Rock described as “a tale documenting the very source of Hail Mary Mallon’s power: Emotional Entertainment.” That seems fair.

~Potholes In My Blog