cannot believe i’ve never heard of him… this one is definitely going to future mixtapes! from the album still living in slavery, released 2014 on baobab music. read more about raoul k and buy the album here:



… dark and haunting! the new collab from flume and kučka is unexpectedly dark, yet it’s going to haunt you and get your foot hopping. flume’s high-pitched voice and the dark ambient as background together create a vision of a sci-fi futuristic scenery in my mind. i really really hope they will also make an out-of-this-world, twisted music video for this! take a moment to enjoy this absolute ear candy :)

Whoop whoop! Here comes the weekend :) Dance dance dance!

Here’s another song for your weekend pleasure. Full Crate & Mar are gearing up to release their long awaited follow up to the Conversations With Her EP. The two took some time off to explore their solo sounds and are now reuniting to bring us an infectious electronic sound. Back in November we showed you guys a short video from their Summer 2012 Tour which featured a song that shacked up in our brains. Now we get the full song on its own, titled “Nobody Else,” a prelude to their debut album in the works. Let this joint invade your brain (not like you have much of a choice once you hit play) and enjoy your weekend.