i have always been a sucker for female voices in liquid dnb and it’s still like this. even if you have a bad or tough morning, this kind of music always lifts your mood. just put in your earphones, press play and drift away to the wonderland of dreamy thoughts about a better tomorrow.

PS: thanks a ton for all the subscribers. hope you’re having a beautiful day and this makes it even better!


fresh out of the oven – indivision’s peaky blinders remix by edlan, a producer and a dj from amsterdam. their collab has resulted in a really nice track, resembling all the good artists like s.p.y., logistics, nu:tone etc. indivision’s music has been published on labels like toolroom, liquicity recordings, and beta. their music has been played by big names like netsky, london electricity, b-complex etc. this track is yet another one for your playlist and dj set :) big up to both indivision and edlan for this!