sorry, know this isn’t a video post (nor is last one) but this just came out and it’s dopeness²! couldn’t find it elsewhere, so… hope you enjoy!! good night (here in tallinn, it’s 1:15 now).



after a long wait, pnau have released their new album changa on november 10! together with this song, there are so many bangers on that album that i cannot decide which one to praise most… chameleon, which was released a while ago, young melody (with vera blue), into the sky and control your body… also, the australian electronic icons re-linked up with chameleon vocalist kira divine for go bang to bring you this absolute eye and ear candy! so go on and give it a listen and let me know what you think about it! ;)

cannot believe i’ve never heard of him… this one is definitely going to future mixtapes! from the album still living in slavery, released 2014 on baobab music. read more about raoul k and buy the album here:


this has summer written all over it and i am so in love with it at the moment… brilliant lyrics, great instrumentals and taking into account it’s performed live, i have to say this guy has a huge talent!

lyrics (source:

[Verse 1]
Yeah, I could love you
Go get a job and start to save
Stay at my mom’s house
Look out at the window at the rain
Or I could ignore it, but I’d just be fuckin’ with your brain
I only get one shot, yeah, I got dreams in my suitcase

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