… dark and haunting! the new collab from flume and kučka is unexpectedly dark, yet it’s going to haunt you and get your foot hopping. flume’s high-pitched voice and the dark ambient as background together create a vision of a sci-fi futuristic scenery in my mind. i really really hope they will also make an out-of-this-world, twisted music video for this! take a moment to enjoy this absolute ear candy :)


for a duo (mars argo & titanic) whose purpose was to make films and they made music just to compliment those, it kind of turned out the other way around. suddenly, people started to ask: “do you have any concerts coming up? where can i download this music!? …” for me as a person who appreciates good music together with good video really much, this is like heaven – the video and lyrics are just perfect :) so without further ado, i present to you “runaway runaway” which is a really nice find. enjoy!

if that slow juicy and full bodied sax beat would be a wine… wow! soothing sounds at their best, perfectly supported by gavlyn’s vocals. not to mention the video – she manages to seduce you in the first 10 seconds and there is no getting out. you keep longing for more and more and more…

so take five, close your eyes and enjoy the trip while you fly through the endless skies of your intoxicated mind.