thump reviewed this as (quote) “… the Afterparty from Hell …”. what the fuck would they do after seeing a gesaffelstein, josh pan, valentino khan, getter etc. video!?!?!? :D :D :D i normally don’t want to use the emoji combinations here but that made me lol. i mean… come on, thump!!! that’s no hell in the video – that’s the average sunday morning! anyway… i have a weak spot for music videos and songs that have a degree of insanity or perversion in them or completely consist of it. this fits that list very well, i think! probably nsfw or something… you can be the judge of it.




gesaffelstein is one of the artists that get you psyched out in no time. i reckon at least 3 songs are in my top 15 or something (don’t really like the charts, just good music in any order): violin, pursuit and this one to name a few. videos are absolutely genius, the music itself is pure adrenaline, injected through your ears, guaranteed to make you wanna stand up, smash some shit, shout a bit and then go on a f*#king full-on dancing frenzy in berghain or someplace like that. their music just gets to your brain, man… dope af!!! enjoy!

for a duo (mars argo & titanic) whose purpose was to make films and they made music just to compliment those, it kind of turned out the other way around. suddenly, people started to ask: “do you have any concerts coming up? where can i download this music!? …” for me as a person who appreciates good music together with good video really much, this is like heaven – the video and lyrics are just perfect :) so without further ado, i present to you “runaway runaway” which is a really nice find. enjoy!

i’m bouncing up & down on my chair like a crazy person at the moment… this is pure fire!!! THE WHOLE ALBUM!!! and of course there’s something about RZA’s voice that makes the flame extra bright!

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