can’t go wrong with pnau. positive, uplifting and bursts with energy, as always. lavish sounds and nice visuals – complimenting each-other in the best way, creating an eargasm with trippy visuals. perfect!

coolest video in ages! as i’m a gamer myself and love little dragon anyway, this is a true ear-candy for me! lyrics are nice and the style of the video is really awesome. it has a lsd-ish vibe to it and looking at social interaction as a game actually makes a lot of sense and also it’s kind-of a playful and fun perspective. keep up the good work, little dragon!! :) hope you all enjoy!


a REALLY nice remix of the original and i discovered that i’ve never even heard it once. i mean… what the f$ck? how is that possible? anyway – glad i did hear it now because it’s a really dope summer tune. get those mojitos and coronas and other stuff to the poolside and enjoy!