music for a cloudy day. so nice and smooth…

as for saib. :

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if that slow juicy and full bodied sax beat would be a wine… wow! soothing sounds at their best, perfectly supported by gavlyn’s vocals. not to mention the video – she manages to seduce you in the first 10 seconds and there is no getting out. you keep longing for more and more and more…

so take five, close your eyes and enjoy the trip while you fly through the endless skies of your intoxicated mind.

as the spring approaches, people become more and more fond of a little bit of solitude (not loneliness!!) – this is the perfect track to listen to when walking through the forest that starts to look like the full palette from yellow to red, where rays of sunshine reflect from small water droplets hanging on the tips of leaves and nature puts on a last grand show before going to hibernation mode. it’s a time of dreaming and romance, hot chocolate and fireplaces getting lit again.

this song has all of this written into it – a perfect combination of sounds that express hope, dreams, solitude, comfort and intimacy.

so put it on and go for a walk in the dreamy forest or cuddle up in front of a fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the quiet and fresh, clear weather that autumn brings in all of it’s colors.

LA Raised Jennifer Lee (or TOKiMONSTA to the majority of us) is a student of music who has managed to craft an undeniable sonic aesthetic throughout her records to this moment. Her latest, Realla, a collaboration with Anderson Paak is a thunderous journey into the unknown with great performances by both artists.

‘Realla’ is a production with layers, layers on layers. The track moves into life thanks to a powerful bassline that’s supplemented by unnerving vocals by Anderson Paak. Slowly but surely the production introduces a drum-loop, synths, vocal samples and a horn section all of which somehow manage to co-exist together thanks to TOKiMONSTA’s fantastic orchestration. Anderson, vocally doesn’t get deterred by the thunderous nature of the instrumental rather smoothly gliding over it, constantly getting his personality across, switching up where necessary to keep on point with the production.

The combination of these two is unexpectedly brilliant and I hope I’m not the only one wishing for more from this duo.
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