this video looks absolutely amazing artistically but at the same time, the content is messed up af…



thump reviewed this as (quote) “… the Afterparty from Hell …”. what the fuck would they do after seeing a gesaffelstein, josh pan, valentino khan, getter etc. video!?!?!? :D :D :D i normally don’t want to use the emoji combinations here but that made me lol. i mean… come on, thump!!! that’s no hell in the video – that’s the average sunday morning! anyway… i have a weak spot for music videos and songs that have a degree of insanity or perversion in them or completely consist of it. this fits that list very well, i think! probably nsfw or something… you can be the judge of it.



one of the best house tunes of all time, “TMWTRF” also boasts one of the coolest dance music videos. both funny and energizing, the video, directed by Siraj Jhaveri, is the living proof music videos can enhance the experience you get when listening to a dance music tune without any vocals.


gesaffelstein is one of the artists that get you psyched out in no time. i reckon at least 3 songs are in my top 15 or something (don’t really like the charts, just good music in any order): violin, pursuit and this one to name a few. videos are absolutely genius, the music itself is pure adrenaline, injected through your ears, guaranteed to make you wanna stand up, smash some shit, shout a bit and then go on a f*#king full-on dancing frenzy in berghain or someplace like that. their music just gets to your brain, man… dope af!!! enjoy!

FUCK! this is too much for my senses… damn this is eargasm at its finest! it will definitely go to the party playlist, no question about it! freshly released under black butter records, this fits perfectly to the portfolio of their quirky and bumpy house driven vocal tracks. guaranteed to get everyone to the dance floor, this will surely be widely played and i wouldn’t be surprised if it lands on some top chart places. as for jaded – they are a dj and production trio from london, having releases under black butter records, dirtybird and get twisted records. Paul McCartney knows them. you should, too…

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