our own 12 eek monkey – a common project for Põhjamaade Hirm and Genka that started way back in 2006. until the beginning of 2017,  when their debut album was released, they had only performed once. their album “Xibalba Spa” was sold out in 2 hours. currently, you can buy this album for 2500€ (insane…). the track translates to “my shit is space”. video is off the hook and the track itself is mesmerizing, to say the least. hope you enjoy!


coolest video in ages! as i’m a gamer myself and love little dragon anyway, this is a true ear-candy for me! lyrics are nice and the style of the video is really awesome. it has a lsd-ish vibe to it and looking at social interaction as a game actually makes a lot of sense and also it’s kind-of a playful and fun perspective. keep up the good work, little dragon!! :) hope you all enjoy!